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        Suzhou Heng Lite Knitting Garment Co., Ltd., established in 1993, located in the lakeside town of Ducun Wuzhong Lu Wan District. Is the famous "knitted apparel export production base," transportation is convenient, close to Dongshan Taihu Lake in Suzhou Ring Expressway exit, 20 kilometers east of Suzhou City, Shanghai City, 100 kilometers south of the famous tourist town of Dongting Dongshan fruit, west coast of the beautiful Taihu Lake. Company covers an area of 16,000 square meters, with standard plant 15,000 square meters, the company pays attention to scientific management, quality service, and in 2003 passed ISO9000: 2000 international standard quality management system certification and credit business model unit.

        The strong technical force, advanced equipment to process improvement, quality and perfect quality, with Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions of the world famous brand co-production, for example: JACK & JONS, Iger, the U.S. Masters. Bonwe etc. and so on. We designed and developed for the domestic market, the "Henry Bethe" trademark, a variety of 

        flower type, style of cashmere, wool, silk and other raw materials, knitted sweaters, every year hundreds of new products to market and provide more choices to consumers , by our customers and consumers.

        The annual production capacity of 2 million more than welcome to new and old customers at home and abroad to discuss cooperation, to guide and seek common development.

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